The easiest residual income you'll ever make...


If you refer a new client to Temple Creative and they hire us, you get 5% of the total from their billed hours...


That means anytime that client hires us for more work in the future, you're going to get paid again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and again...

...and so on. You get the idea. In the interest of protecting against fraudulent referral claims, we do have a few guidelines that we must strictly enforce.

  1. You/your business must be an existing paid client of Temple Creative.
  2. The client that you referred must not be an existing client or prospective client of Temple Creative.
  3. The referred client must tell us that you referred them to us on first contact
    if you tell us directly about your referral, it must be before first contact and they must contact us withing 3 business days.
    (so make sure your referral knows to put your name/business name under the referred by section of our contact form or to let us know the first time they call or message us)
  4. You may not refer yourself. For instance, if you own two businesses, one of which has hired Temple Creative in the past, you may not refer your second business to us. Likewise, if you hired Temple Creative for a personal project, you may not then refer your business, and vice versa.
  5. Referral payments are only valid on billed hours. You do not get paid on any additional fees. (i.e. the cost of hiring any cast for video services, needed supplies, contracted print services, etc...)
  6. If we justifiably believe that a referral may be fraudulent or an attempt to take advantage of an already generous offering, Temple Creative reserves the right to deny any existing or future referral payments and it may result in disqualifying you or any business you operate from participating in the referral program altogether.
  7. To end on a positive guideline, there is no limit to the number of clients that you may refer.

Let's take a look at an example invoice and break down how much you would get paid had you referred the client.

Since referral payments are based on the billed hours only, $960.00 in this case, you would recieve a check for $48.00.